Tutti gli Awards di Rolling Stones sulla WWE

Come riportato qui, The Miz è stato nominato da Rolling Stone come il Wrestler dell'anno.

La rivista ha rilasciato poi la lista completi dei suoi Awards legati al mondo della WWE.

* Runner-Up (secondo miglior talento) Wrestler of the Year (Male): Braun Strowman
* Runner-Up Wrestler of the Year (Female): Pick ‘Em – Alexa Bliss
* Tag Team of the Year: The Usos
* Comeback of the Year: Jinder Mahal
* One-Night-Only Face Turn of the Year: Neville
* Overdue Title Run of the Year: Natalya
* Most Overdue Yet-to-Be Title Holder of the Year (miglior talento tra chi ancora aspetta di vincere un titolo): Nia Jax
* Most Welcome Loss of Sanity of the Year: Matt Hardy
* Best Fake Onscreen Authority of the Year: Stephanie McMahon
* Gamesmanship of the Year: The Ascension
* Most Promising Youngster of the Year: Chad Gable
* Eeriest Entrance of the Year: Asuka
* Most Bittersweet Exit of the Year: James Ellsworth
* Most Improbably Awesome Match of the Year: Survivor Series‘ Team Angle Vs. Team McMahon
* Actual Match of the Year: New Day vs. The Usos
* Best Posture: Kurt Angle


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