La WWE ha svelato le nomination per gli Slammy Awards 2009

Attraverso una live chat condotta da Howard Finkel e Corey Clayton, la WWE ha svelato le nomination per gli Slammy Awards 2009, che verranno assegnati questa notte a Raw. Eccole nel dettaglio:

Tag Team of the Year: DX, JeriShow, Legacy, The Hart Dynasty
Oh My! Moment of the Year: Shawn Michaels superkicks little girl in cafeteria (Monday Night Raw, August); Chris Masters “dancing pecs” with the Osbournes on “Raw's Got Talent”; Michael Cole throws up on Chris Jericho at SD party (Decade of SmackDown special); Santino Marella accidentally pies Vickie Guerrero in the face (Raw Thanksgiving)
RAW Guest Host of the Year: Bob Barker, Seth Green, Shaquille O'Neal, Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne
SHOCKER (or Shocking moment) OF THE YEAR: Batista turns on Rey Mysterio at WWE Bragging Rights; Randy Orton DDT's Stephanie McMahon and kisses her as Triple H is forced to watch (Monday Night Raw); CM Punk defeats Jeff Hardy in Steel Cage Match, forcing Jeff to leave WWE (SmackDown); Sheamus slams Raw Guest Host Mark Cuban through a table (Raw)
BREAKOUT STAR OF THE YEAR: Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Abraham Washington, Yoshi Tatsu
EXTREME MOMENT OF THE YEAR: Kofi Kingston Boom Drops Randy Orton through a table at Madison Square Garden (Raw); Big Show throws John Cena into a search light at Backlash; Jeff Hardy dives off a 20-foot ladder onto CM Punk at SummerSlam; Triple H fights Randy Orton at Orton's home, throwing Orton through his front window (Raw)
DIVA OF THE YEAR: All Divas; to be voted on by fans at
MATCH OF THE YEAR: Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker, The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania; John Cena vs. Randy Orton, I Quit Match, WWE Breaking Point; Jeff Hardy vs. Edge, Ladder Match, Extreme Rules; Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown, WWE Bragging Rights
SUPERSTAR OF THE YEAR: CM Punk, John Cena, Undertaker, Randy Orton



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