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RAW tapings form Manchester
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Live spoiler from Manchester, England...

Dark Match:

Wade Barrett defeat Damien Sandow

WWE Superstars:

- There's a loud "Cena sucks" chant before the show even starts.

- Cameron and Naomi defeated Aksana and Alicia Fox. There was a "this is awesome" chant during the match.

- Great Khali & The Usos beat Prime Time Players & The Miz in a six-man tag with the Usos delivering a superkick/Superfly combo.


- Raw opened with Randy Orton talking about how he's in charge due to The Authority being on vacation. Raw GM Brad Maddox came out and said he's in charge and made Orton vs. Cody Rhodes, then "DOO" Kane said he is in charge and made Orton vs. Goldust. In the end, Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero came out and made a Rhodes Bros. vs. Orton handicap match for right now. So much heat on Vickie, who was booed out of the building.

- WWE tag champions Rhodes Bros. (Goldust & Cody Rhodes) beat Randy Orton via count-out. Orton got clotheslined out of the ring, then did not return and was counted out.

Post-match, Orton started to walk to the back, but Big Show came out. Show threw Orton around ringside, then put him through the announce table, which looked hugely impressive. A stretcher was out for Orton, but he moved himself and sold like a pro.

- Santino & Los Matadores beat 3MB (Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre) in a six-man tag match. Good pop for Los Matadores, although more for El Torito. Santino won with the Cobra, which had horns. For El Torito.

- Randy Orton runs into an office backstage where Vickie Guerrero, Kane and Brad Maddox are. Orton is upset and complains about what Big Show did to him earlier. Up later: Curtis Axel vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title.

- Damien Sandow defeated Kofi Kingston.

- Curtis Axel vs. Dolph Ziggler is up next for the Intercontinental Title. Axel gets the win with a neckbreaker.

- Kane and Brad Maddox argued backstage, reminiscent of Kane's arguing bit with Daniel Bryan. Then, they made two matches - John Cena vs. Real Americans and C.M. Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield.

- Tamina Snuka beat Nikki Bella. Tamina won with a Superfly Splash after Divas champion A.J. Lee interfered. Brie Bella cleared the ring afterward.

- Randy Orton walks up on The Shield backstage and is angry because they didn't help him with Big Show earlier. They said they were busy but Orton isn't happy. The Shield say it's not their problem and Orton walks off.

- Fandango beat Tyson Kidd with a roll-up. Good match. It was set up via clip from "Total Divas," which showed Kidd getting jealous when Natalya trained with Fandango. The whole arena does the Fandango dance.

- Cena's match vs. the Real Americans was next. Beforehand, Zeb Colter tried to heel on the crowd by insulting football and Mr. Bean. The crowd wasn't having it, though. Alberto Del Rio came down mid-match to watch Cena. The hate from fans against Cena was said to be some of the loudest ever during this match. Cena ends up getting the win after a STF on Swagger. After the match, Del Rio attacked Cena until Big E Langston made the save.

- This week on Main Event - A.J. Lee vs. Natalya for the Divas Title.

- Backstage, Maddox and Co. talked to Del Rio, who told Big E. Langston to stay out of his way. But, Del Rio got hold to put his nose in Big E.'s business.

- Ryback vs. R-Truth is up next. Truth gets the win after ducking a Meathook clothesline.

- Alberto Del Rio beat Big E. Langston via submission with the cross-armbreaker. The crowd was more interested in a wave.

- Paul Heyman made his return in a wheelchair with Curtis Axel standing behind him. Heyman blamed Ryback and the fans for his beating at Hell in a Cell, then vowed to return with a vengeance against C.M. Punk when he's healthy. Punk came out, took out Axel, and attacked Heyman with a kendo stick.

- Next up is the handicap match main event of C.M. Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield, who came out first to a big pop, then there was some actual heel heat.

Daniel Bryan & C.M. Punk vs. The Shield went to an apparent No Contest in a handicap match. Dean Ambrose was about to tap when the Wyatt glitch came on. Lights back on, the Wyatts were in the ring, and a brief brawl broke out with The Shield until they noticed Bryan and Punk. A six-on-two brawl broke out until the Usos and Rhodes Bros. evened the numbers and cleared the ring. This appeared to be the end of TV.

Post-match, there was lots of "Yes!ing!" Amazing atmosphere. Great show.

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